“ART” can be categorized and conceptualized in so many ways. For me, first and foremost, art is a vehicle for self-expression. It is a tool for communication from the artist to the viewer. The ‘art’ is a point of connection. I have been a visual artist for years now and it always interests me when I see how artists, using the same medium, approach and depict the same subject so differently. Say the assignment is to paint a pear. Each person, using their own sensibilities, will approach the color palette, line, size, placement, vantage point, brush stroke, and so on. The variety can be amazing and inspiring! I believe that part of our dharma, our path in life, is to express the essence of who we are. Visual art is one avenue.

I have enjoyed being a photographer and capturing images for many years. It has been my primary medium of artistic expression. Nothing delights me more than a well executed black and white silver print! As photography has changed in recent years, I have turned my attention to painting with oils. I am seduced by the creamy texture of the paint and the joyful ease of mixing and creating interesting colors. In many ways this is a significant departure from my roots in black and white photography. I often work from photos that I have taken. It is clear to me that a great photograph will not necessarily make an interesting painting and a fine painting can be born from a boring photograph!

The subjects I choose to paint and photograph are simply things that are of visual interest to me, or touch my heart, or make me smile. Making art is uplifting for me and I hope the images I choose speak to you in some positive way.